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Facing Darkness

in Theaters on March 30

Set during the unprecedented Ebola crisis in West Africa, FACING DARKNESS tells the amazing true story of how God moved mountains on behalf of Samaritan’s Purse Dr. Kent Brantly and others who risked everything for Him!

Bring your friends and family to see this gripping account of courageous faith in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Inspiring a Missions Army

Inspiring a Missions Army

"I hope churches will go. I hope youth groups will go. If you want to challenge youth today, they have to feel that they're giving their life to something that has value. This film will inspire an army of young people to go into missions and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with their life." —Franklin Graham

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Help Spread The Word!

Help Spread The Word!

FACING DARKNESS will inspire and encourage you and your church group on Thursday, March 30. Check out free resources at FacingDarknessMovie.com to see how we've made it easy for you to invite others to this special one-night event!

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In Theaters March 30 One Night Only
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You're Invited to Texoma's Largest Baby Shower!

Just bring new baby shower gifts to the studios of KMOC.

This "Come & Go" baby shower will benefit Inheritance Adoptions in Wichita Falls, The Center (formerly, the Pregnancy Help Center) with offices in Vernon & Wichita Falls and The Ark in Iowa Park. Get your church or civic group involved to help these great ministries serve the Texoma area!

The deadline for Baby Shower items is March 31st.

Bring in new items such as diapers, baby clothes 0 to 18 months, and baby hygiene items (soaps, lotions, etc.) to the studios of KMOC and place the items in our Texoma's Largest Baby Shower Crib by March 31st.

Listen KMOC 89.5 for more details.

Let's make this Texoma's largest baby shower!